Thursday, July 31, 2008

More Movies..=)

Lazy bum
31st JULY 2008

I've been so lazy lately to update my daily journal...maybe it seems that my week is filled with YOUTUBING,ASTRO and MOVIES(YIPPIE)..
Lately I've manage to watch all the latest Dark Knight,Red Cliff...
AND today me and Jenna went to watch THE MUMMY3..hehe...

Oh ya..the weirdest thing is...yesterday i wanted a small size popcorn (the box is more slender and taller) but when i gave my order
me:I want one popcorn,small pls
popcorn lady:okay can i give you this--->its small RM5 pls

okay then i was thinking what?I asked for small but why she gave me the bigger size doesn't look like a SMALL one leh..
okay fine nvm

And today...(i decided to speak in bahasa maybe she'll understand what I want..o yah I'm at the same counter as yesterday)
Me:nak satu kecil popcorn..thanks..
the same popcorn lady:okay.. gave me the same one again the big box...
Me and Jenna was wondering what went wrong with my order or maybe the popcorn lady...cuz we saw the other counter giving a smaller size box that really shows so obvious SMALL size popcorn la...then we joked that one day we'll go get a sample of that box and show the lady what i want..hehe
Or maybe I did order wrongly?hmmm wonder...
maybe i shud change counter next time...

After such a long time i've never step foot in cinemas...makes me feel that all the movies i've watch takes a long long long time to gave me bump ache too...sigh..but another pros is i felt the all the movies i've watch worth it...the longer the better ma...worth the price u paid right..hehe

Michelle Yeoh was great with her stunts and skills...she was a witch in the movie..and her so call daughter in the movie was so pretty too...Isabella known as Lin..Sad to say Jet Li's role wasn't that captivating cuz i felt that the way he died was too short and easy..he was all the time a clay statue(moving one) and besides transforming into various type of monster...he should have shown his KUNG FU skill more ler....aih..but overall the movie was great..
DO WATCH IT...its worth to anticipating and exciting..makes you thinks back with wonder of the past century...especially the Terracota warriors and the Emperor...


Friday, July 25, 2008

I'm off to---->

I G H T D U T Y o_O

Wednesday, July 23, 2008



Today we decided to go for our hospital attachment since we ponteng yesterday ad..and guess friend told us that yesterday the day that we ponteng ,had so so many severe cases leh..patient dead due to viral fever, dramatic somo(oh ya..the harm sap malay guy nurse was looking for me too yesterday...and today i tried my best to stay far from him)...aihseh...why when we ponteng then only the RESUS room so chaotic leh..and today it was so so quiet so we chat among each other...and and Jenna decided to go to the library to check out some drugs we went...and suddenly our friend msg calling us to come back quickly cuz there's a bicycle vs motorbike accident we rush back..
The question is why when we are not there...then only the more severe case will come......I wonder..but i do pray that not many emergency cases...just feel so sad,so painful for those who are suffering....
Okay back to the happy things....We then went to Teruntum mall just next to GH Kuantan...went to get our ticks...then went to eat my fav fast food KFC...and then i even BOM the toilet there..hehehe..thanks to the MILO..
At last...I finally get to watch DARK KNIGHT aka BATMAN...IT WAS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!At first I taught the storyline would be the same as usual for all superhero movies...but it was kind of complicated..a movie that makes you think a little...the guy WAYNE (BALE)was so handsome..CUN TEK...hehehe...neway the graphic effect everything la is superb...maybe I too long dint get to watch movies in cinemas thats why I'm so so easy to be contented...

Tomorrow I'm going to the autism school in of my church member is trying to gain awareness from parents who have autistic kids and even the malaysians who are not aware about this special kids to help make a difference ...So i hope I'll get to learn something bout them and to understand the kids...they are brilliant kids just that they have a special play world on their we must try our best to get to know them and understand their situation patiently...

time to oi oi..

Monday, July 21, 2008

Third week of hospital attachment

Pretty nice.....
Today we started a new cycle at the A&E the way one of the SISTER told us that its now no longer called A&E but only called Emergency department...does it apply to every hospital in Malaysia?OR Kuantan is the only special wan izit?hehe..
It was a really warmth,nice and friendly department...We were so welcome by the nurses and doctors unlike the Surgical department...NASTY...okay back to the Emergency department...we were introduced to Dr he is friendly and so encouraging..then we met the H.O.D of the first we were kind of frighten but he turn out to be so nice too...he's a good example of how the H.O.D should be...thanks Dr Khairi..then Dr Thilai intro us to a doctor from Iran..he appointed us to follow he was our mentor for the day being...he was so nice too ..a doctor with humour..Then we met this malay guy first he ask us to do the ecg...then suddenly he pointed at me..."Harm sap lou says:you mari ikut saya pergi buat X-ray..nanti boleh sign you punya kertas...yang lain pergi ikut patient lain pergi ICU..."...I like stoned there and a big WHAT ,WHAT,WHAT came into my head...OH NO HARM SAP i tarik wee gee to follow matter what he said I still tarik wee gee buat tak paham ny..hahahaha..

At first it was interesting...kind of fascinating but after few minutes our interests just die off...hahah..Jen Na was hoping for blood spilling and serious cases...actually not only her ,it's cruel right ..haha..this morning was a calm morning claimed the nurse...we expected emergency ward is like what we see in ER movies...full of adrenaline rush..but it turn out differently..we end up yawning while waiting for new victims...GOD forgive us..we don't mean it though..just that we are just too over excited and too high expectations for our first day in ER department...hahaha..maybe it was too early of the doctors said that the peak days of emergency department is during the weekends where people drink and drunk and traveling back to their hometowns...yah..but as what ive said we do not want them to get hurt just for a show....we surely want everyone to be save's just a plain and innocent act of ignorant of how we picture ER department like...especially in the morning sure everyone is sleeping soundly in their beds.....
SO guess what...we decided to go the night shift....where we can see more cases and to learn and gain more medical emergency knowledge from the doctors and the medical assistants...ya hopefully we will be rajin though..whhaahahhahah...
=Peace and love and mercy and blessings to everyone=

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Part 2 of hyperactive night


Slept too long this evening...haha as usual so now i'm like an owl....or maybe best to say like a night guard...Thinking what to blog..I've always wanted to blog about food..but each time when my food comes...I'll totally forget bout snapping pics of it...terus gasak...(in bahasa)hehe
If Joanne is with me she'll snap pics of it before we start eating so therefore its beneficial for me to upload in my blog...the best is SIM the pro-photographer..he takes good pics with his super geng camera..with many effects ..even though the food doesn't look that good ..with few touch up and his camera effect and plus his skill will turn out so yummy and classy..ahha

I can't wait to watch DARK KNIGHT though..when i wake up later...its sunday morning..means its church day..and now im still wide awake...monday its a must to watch Dark Knight with Jen Na..hopefully VG will join us as from pinkpau's blog bout the DARK KNIGHT especially bout Heath makes me wanna watch this movie more..Its a sad thing that he died so early before this movie's sad..
Neway i better be going to bed now...Its getting late...and im still blogging ..better go oi oi ad...hehe
nights to the mosquitoes who's enjoying their supper provided by me..Zzzzzzzzzz

Friday, July 18, 2008


WooowW...this is one of my favorite Korean hunk...hehehe RAIN or know as Bi in Korean..
Love this particular song..Just wanna share with you guys..
It might sound familiar to some of you..
Not the latest release though...
But is my favorite...
Sit back and enjoy ...:)

Just in case if one day i totally forgotten bout this title of this song then this would really help me to recall my memories without going through googles and youtubes clicking one by one...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

H.O.D has been a long time i've not update my blog....

Will start with a bad bad news... Today we had our hospital attachment at GH kuantan.Surgical department..Help to do urine catherization (CBD)on a patient..giggled all the way..thanks to wee gee too by looking at her face..ahhaha..the guys penis was small.ahhaha..:P then we felt bored so we decided to take a tour to the opposite ward.. Walk walk walk...we find it why is this ward so different than the ward we were in before...beds with steels..i've suspected its belong to the orthopaedic department..but we continued walking.. Then we bumped into a group of we decided to join them a while..aihhhhhhhhhhhhh Was talking to a girl to find out what was it about while the doctors are busy examining..then all of a sudden the Doc started scolding with his super loud voice..(so pathetic not civilise man at all) DOC:Hey you(wee gee) what are you doing???!!You come into my ward flipping the case report without introducing yourself..What are you doing here..?orang Melayu will kirim salam..(wt%^%$^%!!! HELLO man that means you " _ " so rude also la shouting at girls..tak tau malu ke )then i bug in thinking of helping wee gee...BOOOM!! Me also kena...That freaking pathetic doc scolded at us ..especially at us from RUSSIA and plus our differences ..maybe that's why he raised his voice tone even louder..(i was just basically adding salt onto a wound)

One of my friend said if he's the Head of the whole hospital what will happen then since now also he's a HOD of orthopaedic ,he'r already showing his perangai buruk...GILA KUASA...
So now i cant sleep(afternoon nap)..all funny taughts disturbed my nap..Was dreaming of having supernatural power...changing him into a kodok(toad)then he will just eats flies and makes ugly sound. .. i'm so evil...nah..joking only..too much of movies..these the result...hahah

Turn him into a tiny little toad...

Or eat him up alive..hahah

('s all for the sake of making myself laugh..and maybe you guys too...WE MUST FORGIVE THOSE PEOPLE....LOVE THEM)

Not all doctors are like that..Medical department was the doctors..good teachers and they are super down to them..salute them..:)LOVE most is Dr Farhana and Dr H'nin o_O Neway we are trained from Russia to be tough..I kept smiling when that TOAD scolded us...In Russia its a little different due to language barrier but here we understood what they said just that we need to keep our mind more imaginative and just pretend we have amnesia problem..then you'll be find... Likewise even though we had a bad time from certain doctors but hey look at the good site of the other humble and kind doctors then that will boost your spirit of serving the sick rather than putting yourself into depression...Thus,we must be humble,ready to lear,willing to help,showing love to the sick and caring,passionate in your job,help those in needs and not the rich only...merciful,kindness...(basically just question yourself WWJD?What would Jesus DO?)


Ps:there's no grudge or any hard feelings..just expressing my temporary anger...doesn't mean any harm on the person I was talking..

Friday, July 4, 2008

Sleepless night..

One...Two..Three ..sheeps/lambs jumping over the wooden gate..

ARgh can't sleep....this is so not me...usually i'll easily doze off but what's playing on my mind?
Maybe was too excited of going to Phuket...but suddenly the excitment just gone...SHOULD or SHOULD I not GO PHUKET?mumma mia...I'm just afraid i'm gonna miss my mummy...hahah(such a baby of me)I know it's only four days..but why why why?SHOULD I GO????
Part of me wanting to go..and part of me is so reluctant..what happen?I guess my mind is too free that now it's starting to think too much...JAYNE just go..right..hehe
Anyway will pray bout it and let God take charge...
It's late night now and i'm still one to left in msn..mostly away or busy ...
crapping with tjen on msn..crapping bout anwar ...and najib...who's guilty and my opinion is both...crappy corrupted ministers...let them dwell in their own pathetic world..
Back to me..why am I feeling that this year is passing so so fast...third year just swash by....summer break even though its two months long but to me i felt like it's passing so fast..and like its super short...i'm sure im not facing it alone here right...How i wish fuel price didn't go up....and i will be able to fly back every month..(ME CRAPPING)
Hospital attachment is starting soon this Monday...kind of scared but mix with excitement...the scary part is setting a good impression in front of the doctors...talked to tjen earlier bout his hospital attachment in Ipoh and he said his head of department was impressed and plan to send his son to so KENG man...sure la who else the brainy people...Ui Lyn,Tjen they all la...wa lau keng right..will do my best..and leave the rest to GOD..GAMBAHTE!!
Will stop here...i've decided to go to bed...
NIGHTS to the mosquitoes and roaches and insects...
o_O yawnnnn