Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Salted fish....

L a A a A Z z z z Y y y Y T o B A T H E andddddddd W A s S H h H mY CLOTHesSssssssssss...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


B b b o w l i i i i n n n n g g g g the city of MOSCOW

Sevodnya(today) we went for bowling..i just went to see my friends bowled..haha..just wanna post some pics up for u guys to see...though I did not bowl but i enjoyed looking at their way of bowling..especially Than Yun and Xiao scored the highest and the other scored an egg at the first round but slowly catching up .. Than Yun i salute said its pure luck..but i dont think so..ur KENG leh...dont pai seh paiseh..haha

Than Yun and her super high score points...she's the winner fuiyoo...

Xiao Thian..hehe and her "guiness world record"

The team...

And me who didn't like to bowl...cuz im really bad in it...haha but still wanna be in the pic..hehe

Here are few pics that i manage to take cuz after tat the management people came to warned us that no photos are allowed to be taken there...FUNNY righttttt...
Btw location is at the 1st floor next to the escalator at the Ashan City, Universitet.Its worth it..80rubs ony for one hour game after 12pm..=) its a nice place to hang out..

(ps: guess what i'm feeling right now...i feel like eating a bucket of KFC spicy chicken..)

I'm so tired and sleepy...going to bed early tonight..Zzzzz

Monday, January 12, 2009

Gatherings....=) super cool n fun

Just wanna update all those fun moments i had last year..that's 13 days ago.It's been a while since i've last updated my blog.So lazy ..haha..Neway just wanna keep it short.. Okay i'll begin with group mates birthday celebration to our malaysian fellowship greatest n the most happening gathering woo hoo...=) (ps:pictures will explain the rest of it)

The birthday girl, Wai pink..=) always blushing
We celebrated at our common Korean restaurant which used to be our favorite Korean restaurant.. that we usually go to..But since then it was the last and never going back again..understand why la a..hehe

Then ..Michelle's bday=) at DAIKON...the food is worth for its price..cuz its Asian cuisine..hehehe
Last year was a really fruitful year..=)
PTL we had many new people joined our MF group gathering..getting to know each other better and sharing the love of GOD around the students in spartive hostel.
Our student society SMSA organized a White Christmas Charity Dinner..our MF team joined in to help out in ushering etc..all of us had a great time helping out..its fun when we work in one unity=)On the 27th of December our MF team organized a Christmas gathering where many new friends came and we all had a great time..=)

Weee.....recalling back the past even though its just few weeks back makes me smile... Not only our MF spartive hotspot had Christmas gatherings..the Kahov hotspot invited few of us too..thank u guys...=) its real fun,we enjoyed our time there..
Then just a week ago..i attended the VISION 2009 on the 31st December..its amazing.looking back at 2008 how GOD had move in my life...changing and blessing and providing me.I really thank GOD..not forgetting the main point of the event is setting our new year's goals and visions in year 2009.. Proverbs 16:9 "We should make plans-counting on God to direct us"
GOD is good all the time..and all the time GOD is good...

I am believing greater things will happen in my life in year 2009..

new update

yay...jeng jeng jeng...after so long ive stop blogging...maybe this time will start blogging...haha