Monday, June 30, 2008



Went down to KL with mum on Friday night...SATURDAY MORNING
1)sis came my aunt's place at her condominium opposite PWTC,PAN PACIFIC hotel.. 2)went to kamal bookstore sis bought me my books..yippie..:) thanks ce 3)went to wangsa maju to have a look at mum's condo 4)midvalley first thing first--->pet world woo hooo 5)too tired..took a taxi ride back cost rm16.50 6)stop by at Putra Mall to go grab some bites... (we have never stayed in our own condo b4...sad...)

( at my sis studio apartment..aunt was taking a pic of me and vice versa..hehe)
(big bed..)
blabla bla it sounded boring right ..but i had my whole saturday and sunday a really interesting day to cut it short ..i'll post out pics to tell the story.. o ya but i forgotten that i had no pics with my aunty uncle and couzies and nieces...

one happy family..heheh..reunion
(me and my sister)

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Enjoying every single bits of my free time...what else..sleep,eat,sleep...then blog my room..ahhaha

o ya...the most important thing...i mustn't neglect the word of daily bread...
It happen that I'm getting lazier...each day..skipped my quiet to get back on quench my thirst away..

NASI LEMAK...yum yum...had nasi lemak for my perut sakit...too spicy..the sambal was nice with petai..but so spicy..had char kuew teow too(one of the best in kuantan)...pic too blurry..sorry..
gonna be fatty pom pom soon....

Wednesday, June 25, 2008




Completed few errands my sis ordered...went to the busiest market in Moscow, buy what else....MATRUSHKA..a russian doll..the well know russian souvenir one must get if you visit Russia...its seems that every year i had to travel all the way to partizanskaya to buy this matrushka...big sigh!
Walked around the souvenir market for quite some time to find a better deal and thank God we came to a shop and met a really nice old lady..she was honest in telling which doll is reasonable to be bought as souvenir i ended up buying a rubs650 matrushka with ten dolls inside each other that comes from biggest to smallest sizes..and two little dolls with ding dong bells in it..cools...its really cute..hope my sister like it..
O ya..i bought ten boxes of choco boy too..hehe and six bottles of kvas and two bars of chocs..yum yum..and not forgetting my honey i bought quite some time ago...

my cute right...

Took SIA...arrived home safely...PRAISE was a great and wonderful journey home..sure la balik msia sure nice right..hehehe..SIA really really good...they provide the best service from the airline pilot to their air hostess and the best thing their movie package hehe..and not forgetting food too..we get to sit their latest plane wan..dont play play..hehe.The journey seems to be shorter than the previous flight back to Moscow..maybe this time there's no transit at Dubai..straight from Moscow to Singapore....didn't really feel tired too..maybe a little jet lagged la...eheheh

Vg's leg..heheh while waiting to check in we cam whored~!

Hair grew so long ..mum straight away bring me to get a hair cut the next day when i got back home.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

karaoke 405/2

ENJOY THE VIDEO..short presentation from room405/2 o_O

video no 1

video no 2
This is what we did during the peak of our exam week.Here i present you the main lead singer Tze Fen( my room mate),Vg(my room mate too) and Herman the guitarist. We were too bored that THEY decided to find LeeHom's song to sing along...karaoke session. ENJOY this short video.(our room look like pasar malam jual baju and i sounded retard)oops!
Here is the original singer..WANG LEE HOM!(sniff***sniff** handsome wei...Mich jangan marah ye)

PS:btw Herman dont be mad cuz i post this video a..hahahahahh...WHAHAHHAHA

Friday, June 6, 2008


ONE FOR MY MUM and THE OTHER FOR MY SIS...Hopefully she doesn't want it..then it will be MINE!ehhehehe
ta da...


yay...lets all help to raise more fund for the orphanage in China..reach out your hand to help those in prayer or in funds or in volunteering job..
PS:thanks to than yun n the gang of 408 and the whole crew ..

Meet my friends..(crap crap craps)

MY crappy mind..due to too much politics and pharmaco...

MINYAK NAIK HARGA...wTh..sHit..tut tut tut...was busy watching youtubes which broadcasted the rakyat's point of view about the sudden announcement of the raising of fuels price..mostly disagreed with this crap...ya..wt$@* how could the government simply increase the price without any notice..stupid crap...haha..tension...dont know why..maybe due to too many negative input bout the dirty part of parlimen in of the menteri said that the rakyat have to be prepared for such thing to happen and why so terkejut bout this sudden increase of oil's price..wHAT!!!a resounding WUT WUT WUT....crap...not that Malaysia doesn't produce oil ..they not compare us to singapore and other countries who doesn't produce MINYAK ..but they are earning from both party...even from the rakyat aso tak nak sure the menteri-menteri got nothing to say bout it..chillin there drinking a cup of starbucks high quality coffee goyang kaki..cuz they are the one who's gonna enjoy the profits hey...common ...wake up!neway as though im driving...ahha..cakap banyak pulak..hehe!im so disappointed with the overall things that is going on in malaysia..I use to be one of those strong supporter of had let me down..why!!what happen??malas i wanna cakap ad..
hehe sorry for my bad engrish..hehe..aku marah wei tension gilar bosan...!!joanne punya pasal la..aiyoo..

okay okay..dowan so tension...back to the normal Jayne..
Here i present you the next Malaysian dream rojakies...=)

From the pony,mummy pony,memo stick hippo and lastly yellow ducky

here is my little friend purpy porny...<- porny? what? oops...mistkae(pony la)

next is the second most favorite pony who sits right on the top of my bookshelves..i name it dusty pony=)

they come in pairs...the bigger is the eldest and the smaller one is the youngest...=)

aren't they adorable....o_O

here is the crappy master....*-O

I think one day i will look like this tied back..heheheheh=pony tail

~the end~

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Tree of Life (Isaiah 53)

JOHN 11:25
Jesus said to her,"I am the resurrection and the life.He who believes in me will live,even though he dies;and believes in me will never die.DO you believe this?"