Saturday, April 2, 2011

Awesome Night!

Delayed International Women's day Celebration

The M1 guys are just awesome! We waited and waited for the special day and at first I thought they wouldn't bother bout it...and to my surprise and awe....they held a very wonderful and memorable night for the ladies :)
Started from the prankie ghostly video...but thank God im immune to horror movies characters so...phewww....(sigh of relief)
Not only that...they purposely set the date for this delayed celebration on an APRIL FOOL's day 1st of april 2011~!! So at first all of the girls suspected it was all just a prank..and we gang up to click the not attending button in FB....but in the end...we felt so sorry and bad so yeah whole n i present you the glorious event ...

Dolling up session...:) (thanks to my friend Richelle )
Started from picture taking at VeroBoVi Gori Metro station....
(story cut short .... because the whole journey from the metro to our next destination we complained non stop...dah la walking with heels in cold weather some Moses leading the Israelites to their promise land )They prepared a marshut (mini van) to fetch us to our next destination from the metro we had to walk quite a distance to the place where the marshut parked!

Then we reach to the! we had chinese cuisine...they guys in their suits...serving us like waiters hehe *evil laugh*It's once in a blue moon thingy you see.. amazing~ it was like really special night for all the ladies..
I felt so special that night...I'm sure every girls do feel the same too..

Then after the whole usual cam whore session...then we decided to take a taxi home...cuz it's too cold....
But the guys insisted that we should take a marshut home...(mini van)
So we started walking to the Marshut...walk walk complaining again....cold la...why you guys made us walk so much..our legs hurts...
Suddenly everyone started screaming hysterically.....haha including me la...
Cuz at the end of the building...there's a white Hummer limousine waiting for us....
HAHAHAHAH!!! speechless!!

I was so happy!!! it was the best time ever....

So all of the girls had a good and memorable ride home in a white limo..feeling special and pretty :)

Oo not forgetting the best performance....and the best gift :) YOU GUYS ROCKS MAN!!! haha :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

BORED .. ..


urgh! how i wish i'm in Malaysia or somewhere in planet earth no other than Moscow..

Lying on my bed doing nothing on a Sunday morning makes me sick... I wish my life is as adventurous as some of my friends...
I wish to travel round the world..exploring beautiful places ..
Missing Switzerland..the beauty of the nature and breath taking scenery..
I can't wait to go travel...

I feel so bored ..
So so bored ...
Super duper bored.......


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Devotional time :)

Daily bread

Had my quiet time and i found it so God is speaking out from it directly to me...i guess im not the only one experiencing it..
Let me just repost it here :)

Eat Fast,Pay less

A hotel in Singapore introduced an express buffet—eat all you can in 30 minutes and pay just half the price! After that experience, one diner reported: “I lost my decorum, stuffing my mouth with yet more food. I lost my civility, . . . and I lost my appetite for the rest of the day, so severe was my heartburn.”

Sometimes I think in our devotional reading we treat God’s Word like an express buffet. We wolf it down as fast as we can and wonder why we haven’t learned very much. Like physical food, spiritual food needs chewing! For those of us who have been Christians for a long time, we may have a tendency to speed-read through the passages we’ve read many times before. But in doing so, we miss what God is meaning to show us. One sure sign of this is when we learn nothing new from that passage.

David’s desire was right when he wrote in Psalm 119:15, “I will meditate on Your precepts, and contemplate Your ways.” That’s the way to treat God’s Word—to take time to mull it over.

Let’s not come to the Bible as if we were going to an express buffet. Only by meditating on God’s Word will we get the most value for our spiritual well-being.

Spending time in meditation,
Hiding Scripture in our heart,
Works in us a transformation
So from sin we can depart. —Sper

Reading the Bible without reflecting
is like eating without chewing.

After going through this message i felt im like one of this diner ...who just gulp everything up at one time and then the end result is feeling bloated and the end having indigestion................ It's the same with reading the bible..sometimes i tend to read the bible like just read and not waiting what's GOD trying to tell me...and i felt like all the verses i've read so many times that i don't have to read again properly...but today i guess God gave me this big wake up call...But we need to read the Bible not recklessly nor impatiently but "

Let’s not come to the Bible as if we were going to an express buffet. Only by meditating on God’s Word will we get the most value for our spiritual well-being."



Have a good day everyone :)

Too bored..

So bored...

:( ...guess i'll try to read something :)

No post for today.....did nothing but just lazying around on my bed...24/7...........urghhhh!!!


Monday, January 3, 2011

Sweet and bitter memories which just comes randomly

After looking at the picture far on the bottom left of this page..
Memories of my dad just swift by....even though i barely could remember how he sounds like..actually i don't even know how my dad's voice sounds like...but i do remember him getting me cute fluffy soft toys and he was a really good dad..i'm sure of that :)

Even though now it's just the three of us....since 1990...but i am always thankful i have this both very special ladies in my mum and my sis..even though we r small family...but we are loud..and we can laugh super loud..:P i consider myself super extremely blessed...:) thank GOD for putting me in an extraordinary family in my life :) i experience His power upholding us every single minute :)

I miss you and i love u mi n jie...
Jesus is ALIVE in my life :) so REAL!!!

Visitor from Singapore :)

It was a really busy week before the end of year 2010 :)

I had a friend from SIA , her name is Eunice :) she's a really gorgeous girl :)
She's actually sister to my bf's sis in-law :)
Not forgetting Belina who came along..she's also so sweet n pretty :)..and their friend Fabian who joined us the following trip in Moscow after flying back from Houston :)
I had a great great time bringing her around Moscow...when i see their faces lighten up looking at the amazing Russia ... i felt their joy too :) Im honored to bring them around to see the great historical white moscow :)
Even though it was so cold..Eunice still bared with it and continue to explore Moscow.:)
She has a strong passion in exploring new places :) love it !!
Special thanks to michelle she accompanied me to bring them tour around Moscow and not forgetting Li ta who's so kind to be their tour guide too :)
(pictures courtesy of Eunice )

On the way down on the escalator at kievskaya metro :)

Kievskaya station

In the middle of Red Square with her friends..:)

Infront of Christ Savior Church :)

View from the Krapotinskaya Christ Savior Church bridge

Having our dinner at My-My( moo moo) restaurant after a long day outside the cold winter :)

B...thanks for the junk food all the way from Penang..and thank u for the t-shirt from Abercrombie too :) love it :)

thanks Eunice too :) without her it will not reach to me :)

FLying Kissess to u b :)

Christmas Day 25/12/2010

Belated Christmas to everyone out there :)

This will be my last christmas actually was my last Christmas here in Moscow..:)
We actually had let me refresh my memory once again..ermmm three celebration .. first was with our cell group members ,second was with Tjen's cell group and lastly was a combined celebration of m1 students in Puskinskaya Hostel :)
It was a memorable one..knowing the reason why we actually celebrated Christmas makes you appreciate Christmas ..
Receiving gifts from friends wasn't the main happiness but the real JOY i felt is my best present from my Father in Heaven..:) JESUS!!! THE HOLY AND ANOINTED ONE!..:)
No gifts can be compared to this..:)
Thank you FATHER LORD !!!

With Michelle :)
With TEo WAN SIM my new amazing roomie :)

At Ikea with Joanne and Michelle :)

Infront of Christ Savior Church with Michelle and joanne and wee geee
The best is knowing that my mum is not alone celebrating this very special day :)
She had open up her house for christmas caroling :) the funniest is the reason she open up her house it's because she was too afraid, and too shy to join caroling so she said she volunteer to open her house for this service :)
So its good that she gets to call friends and families to participate in celebrating the birth of Jesus :) i miss my mum..i really thank GOD , He is always watching over her...each time i call home i can feel the joy from her...knowing that the joy comes from our Lord Jesus :)
I need not to worry of my mum being alone..feeling lonely or depressed...because the Joy of the Lord will be her strength :)

Mummy ur my hero mi..i love u :) you're the second best gift frm GOD to me..
Every year i thank GOD you are still my best mum supporting me and encouraging me and underestands me the best :)
Jie i aso love u loads :) even though we fought a lot..but you're still my best sister :)

Merry christmas to everyone

Ps: Merry CHristmas to my hunney :)