Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tjen's birthday outing..30th April 2008


This was one of the tak halal pic because tok janggut was in it..:P

30th April was one of the rarest occasion our group members gathered together to celebrate Tjen's birthday..It's not because we careless bout him..but it's just so coincidence that his birthday falls on the wrong day every year since 2005-2007 where the Malaysian Sports is being held on that time.But thank God we get to really celebrate his birthday this year..(tjen must be super happy a..**big Celebration cough cough***)
Got him a so called birthday surprise..(he had to buat dek la)as though like he doesn't know anything bout his birthday yet one bunch of his buddies are waiting outside of his room..Noisy some more..heheh..our birthday ritual to pretend we are surprise specifically for the birthday boy/girl..Many people came to celebrate beramai-ramai..and we had one special made chocolate cake freshly baked by the DAIZSIM bakery..the most famous bakery in spartive hostel.Its true..and a fruit cake plus not forgetting Tjen's own made sago a.k.a barley strawberry coconut drink desert..its good man!yum yum.After me and my block mates ate everything we quickly usual to avoid the cleaning up.So not malu right..hahaha
We brought him to a korean restaurant (in Korston hotel)not far from Veroboivi Gori metro. station..OMG!now only i realize i didn't know the name of the Korean restaurant..While entering the main entrance of the hotel , we will see a casino right at the entrance..and ya not forgetting an exotic dancing bar/pub in the hotel itself..WOW this Korston hotel is really tailor made for Loaded MEN!to go to the restaurant we had to walk pass the casino..
And guess what ...jeng jeng jeng!Our tok janggut friend went to gamble..o oohh..secret taking pictures tak halal leh..(actually now i know that in the casino we are not allowed to take any pictures..forgive me of my ignorance..I'm still a good girl ma..sneezee sneeze**)
After that few of my guy friends join in the game including Joanne...mostly bet max 100rubs..min is 50rubs..but tok janggut lost one win anything..
And ya..after eating so full at the restaurant i went to pat pat(busy body) at the casino so bored decided to try on the jack-pot slot machine..hehehe..I lost 50rubs..It's my fault..I shouldn't have play at the first place..i need repentance!Moreover i do not know what i'm doing...simply tekan the butang ny a!
OMG i'm so dumb right..i've never been into a casino before..
Back to the real world..FOOD!Isn't it true that the world its all about FOOD!..FOOD has many thousands of variety..Without food the world seems boring,lifeless!haha
WE just love Korean food..LOVE IT TO THE MAX...(maybe i should find a korean dude to be my husband..)hehe
Belanja Tjen and Shah for their birthday..actually i think maybe they are kind of bored with korean food cuz most of the time we always visit only korean restaurant when we for a gathering..But who cares..guys sapu anything...They should follow us ma..heheh
I had kimchi soup plus beef ribs..I shared with joanne..Each of the dish comes with a bowl of rice.Love their rice..its sweet and the taste it's just so nice..not like the normal plain rice.YAH..not forgetting the side dishes that they serve as their so called starter..its free(neway nothing is free maybe its charged into the bill)The waitress are suppose to fill them up when it finishes..but we are unfortunate this time ..a rude and Morales waitress served couldn't get extra refill..BIASA LA orang negara STAN STAN!..
Few of us had Kimchi Chike..its was spicy but delicious ,one of our favorite food of all times..hehe..TWO THUMBS UP!SLURP!

Beef rib

The guys had Kimbab too(korean version of sushi)

We had korean spicy rice cake too..(thanks Joanne:) )

and many more...
Here is a picture of the birthday boy!MR LEE TJEN TJHUNG!

Oppss not this wan..this was his own candid checking out his tummy and his nen nen..just because wai wah told him that she could see his nen nen decided to do his self-checking..vanity!

This is taken by me..Look at him..he's trying to suck in this stomach..I saw him doing it while i'm taking their pic!Again VANITY!GUYS!

As usual..after filling our stomach..we cam whore...again!VANITY!Right after makan sure we do look bloated and yet we find this time to cam whore..(the wonder we cam whore more and more..just to find a good shot of ourselves)

And another one...

I'm trying to figure out what's on Wee Gee's
mind..What is she thinking..her expression
seems like she wanna kutuk me ad..hahah
I was trying to open my eyes wider..

Guess what our day didn't end just like that..Tjen the birthday boy treat us at STARLITE american restaurant...just at the entrance of Ramstore(supermarket)YIPPIE!WAI WAH was like a little girl again..after slurping down one big glass of milkshake ..she gone KU KU!haha..actually everyone seems to be overdose with glucose!haha..BUT it was the best MILSHAKE EVER!!!!LOVE IT!Trust me!They had baskin robins ice-cream too..but we had only cost rub220 one glass(around rm30+)but it's worth for it..SUPERB MAN!...It's like bringing us back to the past..hehe

The interior design of the whole restaurant was base on the old fashion type..with waitress dressed in mini short sexy skirts..with a little apron hanging out of's like in the american movies we usually!
But service wasn't that usual..We had to put on our smiles no matter how they treated us.Moreover while we were leaving the of the manager rushing towards us asking for our unpaid tips!How awful!But the milkshake pays the price..
Just lovin' it!
Then we went to Ramstore to get some groceries..Again spending money like no body business..!I NEED to budget!
We got home with big smiles on our faces..even though we were tired after a whole day out..yet we are all happy..HAD A GREAT TIME!YAY!=)

The end~~~!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Morning walk / Physiotherapy


Biggest sigh...woke up early in the morning,get ourselves ready to see autopsy..after reaching at the morgue,we saw family members had gathered at the place,dressed in black and as usual red roses for their dead love ones..Immediately from my happy face I quickly pretended to be grieving for them too..(courtesy ma)DO you know that in Russia its their tradition that when u present flowers to somebody ,the amount of roses you give depends on the occasion..If you're giving to a teachers,lovers basically living must give in odd number of three or five.But if you're giving to the dead..vice versa,2 or 4...Maybe other countries do practice this custom too..and I'm ignorant bout that.We met the undertaker at the morgue..everyone was so disappointed.HAHA We're kinda evil..hoping for someone to die just for us to see autopsy.Joanne was telling Wee Gee to fast and pray hoping that someone will die..(horrible)haha..neway then we went back to our hostel.,complaining..(wee wee waa waa buu bii baa)
Yesterday i had undergo physiotherapy at MMA POLYCLINIC..HATE going to see doctors even though that's my future profession.NO I don't hate what they do but I hate the whole hospital procedure thingy..what a fuss.Firstly I have to travel quite far and with this hot and dusty weather gets me to my nerve!I'm just being petty bout it..haha konon la puteri lilin.Actually I do love the sun just that I'm allergic to their heat..I will sneeze non stop..It would be preferable if they shine without producing heat..maybe a little of heat will do.(I'm mad)hahah..Moreover the air pollution by cars and smokers makes my sinus worsen.ARGH!I HATE SINUS!maybe i should get a nose transplant..hehe..
I'm thankful that i was treated by two nice lady doctor.Sat on the chair with each of my cheek lying on a cuboidal object connected to a magnetic frequency kinda stuff..and kinda old fashion..waiting for the timer to end (only 20minutes but seems so long).The first therapy like no effect..but when i got up from my chair I felt like a big wave flowing through my head..then the first lady doctor prescribe few types of medication..I like way I'm paying again.The previous medicines cause me two hundred ringgit(1200rubs)...and I'm not paying again..I'm broke..So I ask Joanne whether we should cabut lari anot..heahhahaha..then suddenly the second lady doctor came to find me.Aww she's so the end i decided to just go ahead and got myself the medication for my next step of therapy.Thank God it wasn't that expensive.Got to breath through a oxygen mask for ten minutes..its a medicated kinda air that i had to inhale in.With steam coming out of my masked and liquid flowing out from my nostrils made me feel so uncomfortable.After this experience no way I'm coming back for another round of therapy..

After that me and joanne cam whored the whole way back from the bus stop at kievskaya till the post office at spartvinaya..We are one mad people maybe because of the allergy sinusitis medication we are taking now..

Me and joanne..took few shots to improve our looks in the picture..

Got the whole bus No 132 to ourselves..and decided to take shots of ourselves..VANITY RULES!kekekeke

Raifessean bank in Moscow.


More pics..

the end...

Monday, April 28, 2008



CRUEL..what happen to the humanity in this world!DOOM!

I was reading my emails..deleting those junk emails and trying to clear some of unread emails..and when i open one of the many emails randomly..guess what i bum into..SEALS!I just couldn't stop myself scrolling down to look at those really really adorable pups(baby seals)..but when i scrolled further i was shock looking at those gruesome pictures.How can a person kill them?Are they humans or some kind of demon possessed human?MURDERER!Okay..maybe i shouldn't judge too early about them..maybe they are force to do so for a leaving..But wait a can a person work as a seal hunter or what so ever in harming those seals to earn a leaving?Wouldn't he be leaving in a guilt?OR are they insane or has the world lost its sense of humanity?Just cant get it out of my head...


I'm not talking bad about Canada..for it does happen to many other countries..such as Africa,China, etc..we should protect the wildlife before they goes extinct!Not only wildlife la..but all living creatures...(maybe except cockroaches )We should be more aware of such gruesome things happening around us.WE SHOULD HELP TO STOP THE KILLING!

The Canadian commercial seal hunters had been taking more than 270,000 live of seals and virtually all pups just days or weeks of age.

Global opposition to the hunt has grown dramatically over the past few decades.

The United States, Belgium, the Netherlands, Croatia and Mexico have already banned the import of seal products. And the European Union is currently considering a comprehensive ban on seal product trade—a move that many believe could spell the end of Canada's commercial seal hunt.

The hunt draws opposition from many quarters—for reasons ranging from economic to ecological. But chief among them for most observers is how inherently inhumane the hunt really is.

p/s:information below taken from a page about the killing of seals in Canada


This is dangerous, expensive work, and sealers hurry to get in and get out of the area—spending little time to ensure the limited suffering of seals. In many years, hundreds of thousands of seals are killed in just a few days.

The sealers literally compete against each other for quotas, killing as many animals as quickly as possible before the region's quota is reached. Vessel owners are loathe to remain in the treacherous ice conditions of the seal hunt for any longer than they have to, putting added pressure on the sealers to work quickly. The speed at which the hunt is conducted increases the suffering of the seals as sealers fail to take the time to ensure each animal is unconscious prior to cutting them open. HOW MEAN IS THAT!



Long hours, slippery ice, fragile ice floes, pressure to work quickly, and moving targets all contribute to the suffering of the seals. In recent years, The HSUS has consistently filmed hunters beating seals repeatedly on the jaw, the face and the body—failing to render the animals unconscious. Veterinary studies have confirmed that sealers often fail to crush the skulls of the seals they club, instead striking them in other areas such as the jaw—failing to ensure unconsciousness, let alone death.

Some of this has to do with how inappropriate the weapons used to kill seals are for use in the sealing environment. Seal hunters use wooden bats, hakapiks (clubs with metal spikes on the end) and rifles to kill seal pups. Post mortem examinations performed by veterinarians in recent years have revealed that an unacceptably high percentage of seals were not even rendered unconscious after being struck with clubs or hakapiks or shot with rifles.


Sealers also shoot at seals from moving vessels, from distances as far as 50-70 meters.

The Royal Commission on Seals and Sealing stated, "Many Canadian hunts take place, or have taken place, under conditions which make it impossible to obtain an acceptably high proportion of kills with head shots …The causes include long-range shooting, shooting from moving boats, and shooting at seals in the water."

In recent years, The HSUS has consistently filmed sealers shooting at seals but failing to kill them, leaving the wounded seals to suffer in agony for extended periods of time. Sealers on boats have difficulty maneuvering through thick, broken ice to swiftly retrieve the seals, who are often still conscious and suffering from their wounds.

When the ice is too broken or fragile, the sealers are unable to get onto the ice to test the seal for unconsciousness. Instead, hunters frequently lean over the sides of their boats, impale the seal with a gaff (a long wooden pole with a steel hook at the end), and drag them onto the boat—skipping the unconsciousness test and bleeding process. The HSUS has documented this on countless occasions.


The Royal Commission on Seals and Sealing stated, "The testing of the blink reflex as a check on unconsciousness [a Marine Mammal Regulation] is probably often omitted … It is easy to imagine that the sealers would neglect this check when they were tired or in a hurry, as they usually are."

Veterinary studies as recently as 2007 confirm the vast majority of seal hunters do not check for unconsciousness in the seals prior to hooking, dragging or skinning them. The HSUS has repeatedly filmed this violation in recent years.

But more and more, the world is turning its eyes to this senseless and cruel slaughter. The HSUS and HSI are off the east coast of Canada again this year, bearing witness to the killing with the hope that this year will be the one to galvanize public sentiment into action, persuade the European Union to ban seal products, and finally shut down this hunt forever.


Stop the Killing of Seals

How twisted is human nowadays!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Charlie bit my finger - again !

This is one of Wee Gee's favorite video on You Tube.Today at ID lecture she was imitating the baby Charlie's brother "Ouch~ Charlie bit me~!"akkakaakkaka...and now it's beginning to be the most watched video on You Tube in spartivnaya hostel..ahhaa
They just look so adorable..CUTE!

everything glorious


Everything Glorious Video!

God is amazing.He works mysteriously in His own marvelous ways.God showed His grace,love,and miracles on this little baby.This baby had trisomy 18 syndrome.Usually this babies do not survive.This baby had revealed the wonders of God's power.This baby manage to survive from the beginning when he was born into the world.Most of the babies who suffered this syndrome have small chances to survive.But God wanted to show the world HIS wonders..even on this tiny,fragile little infant He is able to perform miracles on this baby.EVERYTHING IS GLORIOUS!-->ya God makes everything glorious.Even hard times glorious!
PS:the above video clip is a song of worship-->EVERYTHING GLORIOUS

Atrial Septal Defect Performed With Minimally Invasive...

This is called advanced medical technology.This is one of the finest non- open heart surgery performed in atrial septal defect cases.It's does improve cosmetic appearance.Lesser strictures are made.If you look at the video above then you'll know how the procedures are done.
Mine was a different case.I had a open heart surgery.It was way back then when medical technology was still back dated.But it still improved my health.Thank God.His grace is sufficient to bless me!
Atrial Septal Defect, or ASD, is a congenital anomaly of the heart and most ASD's are not serious and can be easily fixed. During the normal development of a fetus, there is an opening, which persists between the two upper chambers of heart (the atria). Oxygenated blood returning from the mother enters the umbilical cord in utero and then crosses the opening in the heart to reach the left side of the heart. In the fetus, this is how red oxygenated blood is normally pumped through the body. This atrial opening normally closes after birth, and blood is pumped through the lungs and then to the left side of the heart, thus separating off the non-oxygenated and oxygenated blood for life.

Atrial septal defects occur if the tissue (known as the atrial septum) between the two atria does not completely close after birth. The persistent opening can vary in size from miniscule to very large. If this opening continues for a long time or into adulthood, the persistent or extra flow of blood across that opening (called a shunt) can place a strain on the heart. There are 3 types of ASD's: Ostium secundum (the most common), Ostium primum, and Sinus venosus.ETC ETC ETC....=)
In my case ,my large atrial septal defect was patched with Dacron.I had an open heart surgery at the National Heart Institute.I was fully recovered from the operation with no abnormalities and blessed with a back to normal functioning heart.With God's grace!

The Lord is gracious!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Lean not on your own understanding.

"God's voice thunders in marvelous ways;he does great things beyond your understanding.Job 37:5"

Couldn't sleep so I've decided to do my quiet time.Just want to share bout the verse i love "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and Lean not on your own understanding"..............................WOW!

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Me and I will direct your path. Do not just look at your circumstances--do not lean on your own understanding! Keep your mind stayed upon Me. Do NOT allow your abilities to be your trust.
I will create a strong people that will rule in every sphere of authority. The power of My words in your mouth will cause a breakthrough. Don't miss your window of opportunity or fail to recognize the catalyst I am creating for rearranged momentum. Receive an anointing to leap over the mountain that has been deceiving and intimidating you.Don't be afraid of your storm this week, for I will reorder your way and will cause your times to be changed.
I'll set you ahead of that which would overtake you and cause you to be overwhelmed. So don't fear the storm. Watch the rain and wind work to your benefit! Hear the keys shaking, for I am rattling the gates of hell. Decree the blockade that wouldn't open up and let you move forward, even in your emotions--is being unlocked and that you are now able to move forward.
Your path will become straight so that I might enter a new way. What is too high will come down and that which is too low will come up. I can bring the prideful into right order and bring the humble into a new place of seeking. I am creating a straight path for us to walk into the future. May you see the path on which I will lead you into the future. Allow Me to come into your midst and prepare a way through this wilderness and into your next place.

I control the end from the beginning. There is nothing that happens in the earth realm that is outside of MY dominion. Agree that My will will be done on earth as it is in Heaven this day. Look up and see Me as the King who reigns. See Heaven's highway forming in the earth realm around you. I am not asking you to go under, but to come up! Find the high way into the place that I have for you.

Hear My voice in the wilderness. Though you have been unsure of the way you are to go, today I am beginning to call you new and fresh. This is a time when you must not miss that window of momentum. Do not be content to only sit and be taught every day because teaching alone will not get you to your next place. You must have the anointing to leap over that mountain. My call is being extended from the heavenly realm.

I always remind myself each time I'm distressed by circumstances I've to face that The God is bigger than the Storm I'm" but most of the time I'm just being overshadowed by my own fear n worries..which is sinful...its like relying on my own understanding and coming into conclusion right after a big storm.So i just would like to encourage one another to lean not on your own understanding...but look onto Jesus n focus on Him knowing that He will guide us n lead us out of what we are struggling at...and I'm still learning every single day asking God to renew my passion and faith in Him.Because i really want to run a good race fr Him.I wouldn't wanna make Him sad.I've read this verse from the bible not long ago that our tongue is to praise God so we shouldn't use it to curse man.Man is created in His image too...I'm trying my best to repent and not do again.Gossiping and judging one another."Oh Lord please purify me cleanse me of my sinful nature..that i may use m tongue to praise You but not condemning others.Help me love my enemies too"
Help me run this race...
WOW!again just felt every words of wisdom from above (my heavenly Father) gives me the new passion and faith to keep on running this race for HIM!

Jesus rebuked the wind and sait to the sea, "Hush, be still." And it became perfectly calm. (Mark 4:39)
Since Creation to now people have been searching for ways to be still. Our lives are crammed with meetings, appointments, phone calls, traffic, confrontations, and general busyness.

How can you keep your faith in a world of chaos? The same way Elijah did when faced with an uncertain future. He listened for the still, small, voice of God.

One Thing is a collection of refreshing moments to help you hear from the Lord and press on. These faith-stirring stories and principles will shower you with fresh strength, empowering you to step out once again into the world to fulfill the destiny God designed especially for you...

Sometimes we human tend to neglect God in our live when we are to busy with our daily live.And when trouble comes in to their live then only they will turn to God for help...WHY?
I'm still a student..a medical student,busy with lectures,classes and attend fellowship gathering with Christians fellows,listening to sermons and more..but sometimes I just get myself drowned into this daily routine without experiencing the real God's intimate relationship..I think maybe when we are too focus into our lives with studies and friends we tend to put God aside.Slowly getting further and further.But God longing us to have this relationship with Him to put Him first in our talk to Him like friends..etc...We must learn to put aside things and leave it to Him who is in control of everything!And spare time to listen to his voice..He is trying to speak to us so do not ignore Him..Our God is HOLLY AND ALMIGHTY!Thank God that He's a faithful God who loves us and will never leaves us.

PS:we must love one another,do not have favoritism,but filled with wisdom from above to have sincerity etc..=PEACE=