Sunday, March 16, 2008

After the party..(cam whoring then cleaning session)

Candid 1.. I love this picture..joanne look so cute...nice picture
Candid 2 Joanne,me and michelle
Candid whoring session(there's many more)
Lam Wai Wah...she's washing heheh
Michelle and me..wash wash.(this was taken by jo..quite ok..but lighting was abit off...ceh wah look who's talking now..heheh)
I malas wanna upload be continued...;P

Joanne's 22nd bday (14/3/08)

group pic..i like this pic..everyone look so..pretty
Waaa....all mine!!hehe (jo was blushing red at that time)haha
sago /strawberry/mango aka sago melon desert
yummy...better than kenny rogers

Everyone had a really great time eating,laughing,laughing not forgetting gossiping(when there's a gathering with our group guys sure cant help it they love to gossip bout their dota gang)hehe..Food was more than enough.As usual we always over estimate our portion.But thank God all of us had good appetite.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Some caption by Sim during our weekend lepak-lepak day

Moscow,skillfully captured by SIm
Krassni ploshad
Michelle,hui min,joanne,wee,and me at the red square,Kremlin
JO and Mich and Wee gee are both my dearest friend.Thank God for them.They had been with me during my ups and downs..=)
front SIm our pro photographer

In front of St. Bassil cathedral
Me and Wee gee..My room mate since pre med in moscow.We are sister in Christ.Thank God for a room mate like her.AKA BIG HEAD GIRL,TAI TAO POK.HAHAHAHHA

Another end of a tiring week...

Birthday girl..
my group mates (busy gossiping)
roast chicken the non-halal version

One colloq down and another yet to come..Pharmacology.Today we celebrated Joanne's birthday indoor.After such a long time we haven't cook for any of our group mate's birthday party due to laziness..out of "BUSINESS" we happen to cook.We had a teamwork preparing food.Regan and Shah and not forgetting yee kean made yummy spaghetti bolognise.Tjen made sago melon aka sago-strawberry-mango coconut desert.SUPERB!!!Wee Gee roasted one non halal and another one halal chicken specially for SHAH..It was well marinated chicken.MICHELLE baked bread pudding and made shepherd pie.Ahh...ya...not forgetting Tze Fen made chicken rich in spices (direct translate frm bahasa melayu)Well everyone ate till bloated.Congested with food till i got tummy upset.That made me skipping prayer meet halfway.Towards the end of the party we had cam whoring session.Took few pictures.With us posing lamely.I was exhausted at the end..

Even though I'm super tired now..But i felt like writing something about my day.Honestly speaking I'm very happy today but mix with a little disappointed feeling.Today was a tough day.Had pathanatomy test today.Skip pharmacology class to study for that subject but was kinda disappointed because i didnt do well.It was my carelessness and was blurry maybe due to lack of sleep.SAD!But praise GOd.His grace is sufficient to lift me up,out from my little storm.Im learning to overcome things especially disappointment in studies.God is still bigger than my difficulties and sadness.Stay joyful always in His presence.He's molding me.Im learning and trying my very best.I had a really tough week this week.Feeling that my spiritual walk with God is rocky.I need to rely on His strength.Wanna seek Him every single day.But something is just disturbing me when i'm trying to seek God to speak to Him or when i'm praying.I guess this is my spiritual welfare.I got mad with people around me so easily and I'm feeling 24/7 gloomy.Like i lost the sunshine God gave me:(...Feeling reluctant to go for prayer meet.Being mad with God..Blaming God for things that weren't fair around me.Blaming my friends who actually meant good for me and cares for me yet seeing them at the darker side.This whole week really draw me further from my walk with God.That really bring me to a darker place.I felt really empty and there's no peace in me...But today after my path anatomy test i came to learn that even i had draw further from Him..He is still there to lift me up when I;m feeling down.He surround me with friends to encourage me.Mum who loves me.And especially God almighty who loves me so much...i prayed and the peace from Him just reign on me.God's doing is Holy.He never bring the storms to destroy me..But HE helped me to overcome the storms and to rebuild me to be strong in His strength.AMEN!Blessed be His name forever and ever.PRAISE HIM!

have a blessed day everyone and stay close to God!
=)God cares for you.=)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Im sick and bored!

Sigh...why do we humans need to sleep?Ive slept for more than two hours of evening nap today but still feeling sleepy.Ive to study pathanatomy.Its too much to cover in a short period of is tuesday and friday is my "colloq".Im kinda scared here.As usual "Kogan" our examiner gives me the rush of adrenaline each time i see her.Ill have to pray harder and work harder.Today im a realy bad bad girl.Ive skip prayer meet.Maybe im feeling "dry" lately.Ive not been talking to God intimately.I shud realy meditate in His words.But just i felt something is disturbing me.Im just thinking too much.Maybe "inconspicious" Stressssss.....Pharmacology falls on the same day as pathanatomy class.Super double stress.I gave this big book Robin's pathology.Its thick and heavy.Its interesting to read but when i read two or three paragraphs i tend to see straight black lines.Agaian still wondering if Philadelphia chromosome do exist in all types of leukemia?Can somebody tell me...I need a private Dr pathologist.Maybe a handsome professor?haheehaha. oR maybe i shud get a rich rich super rich dude old preferable young bussinessman and get married and goyang kaki.hahahah be a si lai lai.With maids serving me.KEwl right.neway i better get back to what i shud be doing now.hahah.GAMBAHTE JAYNE SAN...!God bless me.;P

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

At last

YAY!Finally my lap top is working again.Few weeks ago when im happily listening songs using windows media player my lap top "hang" i waited a while for it to proceed again.Without wasting my energy clicking on the button ctrl-alt-del buttons i went to pee first.Thinking that maybe it would be running again after coming back from the toilet.After peeing so i went to attend my sick lap top."Oh biggest nightmare...mummy"my lap top "kong" ad.So sad...All my files gone.This is the result of not taking care of my lap top.It's always full with rubbish files.Usualy i dont bother to arrange the files or delete unnecessary files.That's the result of my hard disk gone exhausted.Thank God i've a friend who knows how to get online stuff without troubling myself and my friends to go hunting for hard disk.Its so easy just call the person and they will deliver to you right at your door step.Easy right.But maybe i've to sacrifice a bit on the transportation fees.But still its a good bargain.Thanks to Sim.haha.Im too lazy and when im too lazy no matter how broke i am i'll stil use my very last bit of savings.Actualy mum keluar for me one.haha.How can i have money when Im already broke.neway im starting to crap again.My new working lap top got the same birthday with me.COOL right!hehe.Even though my new reformated lap top still missing some hardwares im still Thanking God for my crew of friends who helped me find all the tools to format my hard disk.What to do last time im to ignorance bout computer gadgets.I think i threw away the recovery cd etc.SIGH.So got my friend regan who usualy takes long nap in the day downloading all my COMPAQ hardware online for me.THANK YOU VERY MUCH.hehe.Took a long time to get it working.pheww..Big sigh of relief.Finally i can go online again.HEHHEHEHEH.(im kinda draggy here)
Im sharing my birthday with my new friend(lappy) hehe.

Winter in Moscow

View from my room.:)

Early that very particular morning when im still lazying on my bed hiding under my comfy blanky,Wee Gee messaged me "Hey Ong look out side its snowing heavily".And so I did.Getting up from my bed and looked outside.At first i taught it was a blizzard.Thinking that we can skip class on that very gloomy day.Too bad it wasnt.Big sigh.Then i ran to Joanne's room.Silence.No response from them.Maybe im being a little exaggerated.Hey we've been enduring winter for four years.Im always being "sakai" hehe.Went back to my room.Then all in sudden Joanne came bursting into my room with her little camera in her hands.Heading towards the window she opened the window's knob and took a short video and pics.And that's how i got that picture above.haha.Even though we had been here experiencing winter for few years and yet we are still so excited bout it.We are the happiest groupie who came to endure hardship to further our studies in Moscow.YAY!We are the coolest group!hehe its true;)The never ending winter...Argh..Use to love winter but now im hating it especialy when the snow melts and turning muddy and wet.Its harder to walk on roads that is wet and covered with thick melting snow.That's the time i easily tumble and fall.;)to be continued...(study)