Monday, January 3, 2011

Visitor from Singapore :)

It was a really busy week before the end of year 2010 :)

I had a friend from SIA , her name is Eunice :) she's a really gorgeous girl :)
She's actually sister to my bf's sis in-law :)
Not forgetting Belina who came along..she's also so sweet n pretty :)..and their friend Fabian who joined us the following trip in Moscow after flying back from Houston :)
I had a great great time bringing her around Moscow...when i see their faces lighten up looking at the amazing Russia ... i felt their joy too :) Im honored to bring them around to see the great historical white moscow :)
Even though it was so cold..Eunice still bared with it and continue to explore Moscow.:)
She has a strong passion in exploring new places :) love it !!
Special thanks to michelle she accompanied me to bring them tour around Moscow and not forgetting Li ta who's so kind to be their tour guide too :)
(pictures courtesy of Eunice )

On the way down on the escalator at kievskaya metro :)

Kievskaya station

In the middle of Red Square with her friends..:)

Infront of Christ Savior Church :)

View from the Krapotinskaya Christ Savior Church bridge

Having our dinner at My-My( moo moo) restaurant after a long day outside the cold winter :)

B...thanks for the junk food all the way from Penang..and thank u for the t-shirt from Abercrombie too :) love it :)

thanks Eunice too :) without her it will not reach to me :)

FLying Kissess to u b :)

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