Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Day 25/12/2010

Belated Christmas to everyone out there :)

This will be my last christmas actually was my last Christmas here in Moscow..:)
We actually had let me refresh my memory once again..ermmm three celebration .. first was with our cell group members ,second was with Tjen's cell group and lastly was a combined celebration of m1 students in Puskinskaya Hostel :)
It was a memorable one..knowing the reason why we actually celebrated Christmas makes you appreciate Christmas ..
Receiving gifts from friends wasn't the main happiness but the real JOY i felt is my best present from my Father in Heaven..:) JESUS!!! THE HOLY AND ANOINTED ONE!..:)
No gifts can be compared to this..:)
Thank you FATHER LORD !!!

With Michelle :)
With TEo WAN SIM my new amazing roomie :)

At Ikea with Joanne and Michelle :)

Infront of Christ Savior Church with Michelle and joanne and wee geee
The best is knowing that my mum is not alone celebrating this very special day :)
She had open up her house for christmas caroling :) the funniest is the reason she open up her house it's because she was too afraid, and too shy to join caroling so she said she volunteer to open her house for this service :)
So its good that she gets to call friends and families to participate in celebrating the birth of Jesus :) i miss my mum..i really thank GOD , He is always watching over her...each time i call home i can feel the joy from her...knowing that the joy comes from our Lord Jesus :)
I need not to worry of my mum being alone..feeling lonely or depressed...because the Joy of the Lord will be her strength :)

Mummy ur my hero mi..i love u :) you're the second best gift frm GOD to me..
Every year i thank GOD you are still my best mum supporting me and encouraging me and underestands me the best :)
Jie i aso love u loads :) even though we fought a lot..but you're still my best sister :)

Merry christmas to everyone

Ps: Merry CHristmas to my hunney :)


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