Monday, January 3, 2011

Sweet and bitter memories which just comes randomly

After looking at the picture far on the bottom left of this page..
Memories of my dad just swift by....even though i barely could remember how he sounds like..actually i don't even know how my dad's voice sounds like...but i do remember him getting me cute fluffy soft toys and he was a really good dad..i'm sure of that :)

Even though now it's just the three of us....since 1990...but i am always thankful i have this both very special ladies in my mum and my sis..even though we r small family...but we are loud..and we can laugh super loud..:P i consider myself super extremely blessed...:) thank GOD for putting me in an extraordinary family in my life :) i experience His power upholding us every single minute :)

I miss you and i love u mi n jie...
Jesus is ALIVE in my life :) so REAL!!!

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